During more than 20 years of performing, Nabila collected innumerable articles and mentions in the press. To mention but a few:

Marie Claire (Spain)
Interviú (Spain)
Holiday Gazette (English magazine) (Spain)
Cambio 16 (Spain)
Diario de Navarra (Spain)
Kaktus (German magazine) (Spain)
Ragazza (Spain)
La Guía de Ocio Madrid (Spain)
Lancelot (Spanish and German editions) (Spain)
La Voz (Spain)
Prima (Spain)
Kanarische Rundschau (German magazine) (Spain)
Arabesque Magazine (USA)
Habibi (USA)
Weser Kurier (Germany)
Nordwestzeitung (Germany)
Nordfriesland Tageblatt (Germany)
Verdener Zeitung (Germany)
Tecklenburger Kreisblatt (Germany)
Kreiszeitung Hoya (Germany)

Those that were significant to her were placed on the website.

Apart from all these articles Nabila has taken part in many television appearances and has done many radio interviews.