Oriental Dance, Middle Eastern Dance, Raks Sharki or Belly Dance as it is often called, is the worlds most ancient and feminine dance and excellent for health and well-being.

Oriental Dance opens women up to spirituality and lets them express their sensuality, power and energy which they have inside, no matter what age they are.

Gentle and relaxing movements exercise body and mind and thus relieve tensions. Already after very few classes women can see a positive change and feel happier, more feminine and sensual as well as physically improved.

Nabila Arbid has been and is one of Spain´s first oriental dancers, who performed and taught oriental dance on a permanent and professional level.

As an internationally renowned performer, choreographer and instructor, she has been working in this profession for over 20 years and has been invited to demonstrate the benefits of this ancient dance as the first oriental dance teacher in Spain at a medical event, the XI. Medical Congress for Nurses in the Canary Islands 2004 (organised by the University of Gran Canaria).

Let yourself be thrilled by the bewitching power and sensuality of a lovely dancer.......