All shows can be adapted to your needs and wishes.

If you are organizing a huge event such as a congress, an exhibition or a huge business dinner, for example. Or planning a music video or tv comercial?

For larger events we offer an unforgettable performance with Nabila Arbid and her marvelous show “Luz del Oriente” (Light of the Orient), accompanied by up to 5 other lovely dancers.
Optionally we also organize oriental live music and a fire act accompanying the show.

Should your event be much smaller, such as a business dinner; you run a restaurant with live performance and would like an oriental dance show or would like a special performance for your wedding/birthday/party…

For any occasion, no matter how small or big, Nabila Arbid, alone or with more dancers of her group will entertain you with a unique and spectacular performance.

You are planning an event in Lanzarote but would like to put the organization into the hands of somebody else? We work together with an event company and organize everything from the moment you arrive at the airport until you leave the island.

Try us!

You tell us what kind of event you are planning – we prepare your individually designed show!


The programme includes Middle-Eastern Dances (Oriental Belly Dances) such as:

Percussion Dance
Gulf Dance
Sword Dance
Belly Dance
Cane Dance
Tambourine Dance
Veil Dance
Cymbal Dance
…and many more…

REFERENCES (to name but a few):

Lufthansa (Germany)
Werder Bremen (Germany)
Internationaler Ausländertag (Germany)
Pascha (Bremen/(Germany)
Ali Baba (Bremen/Germany
Gala for King Hussein of Jordan (Spain)
Villa Rosa (Madrid/Spain)
Morocco (Madrid/Spain)
I. Certamen de Poesía “Maria de Villar” (Tafalla/Spain)
XI Encuentro de los Estudiantes de Enfermería en Canarias,
March 2004 (Lanzarote/Spain)
Correos (Spain)
Bayer (Spain)
Hotel Melia Salinas (Lanzarote/Spain)
II.Binal de Lanzarote (Spain)
Fiestas de San Gines (Lanzarote/Spain)
Café del Mar (Lanzarote/Spain)
Club La Santa (Lanzarote/Spain)
Gran Café 44 (New York/USA)
Cedars of Lebanon (New York/USA)
The Latin Paradise (New York/USA)